Evinair has been writing music for over 3 years, sharing the stage with dozens of fantastic musicians. Recently our drummer, Elias, was accepted into a PHD program in physics …. in Sweden. Our guitarist, Bruce, has also taken on other responsibilities that make being in a band hard on everyone. This is not the end for Evinair. Will has written most of our songs and we are all excited for the future, which includes an album we are almost done writing. If you would like to see this lineup one more time, we are having a show with some of our favorite bands and friends Chemistry Club, Overslept, and Medic! Clear your calendars August 12 and join us at the Walnut room!

Bruce, Will, and Elias



It's been 2 weeks since the album release show and we want to thank everyone who came out. We would also like to thank everyone who helped out. Dylan Camacho (guitarist of Chemistry Club) and Phil Lahnert put in many long hours recording, mixing, and mastering this album and we can’t thank them enough. We couldn’t have asked for a better video from Alex Delmonico and Lifted Imagery. And a huge thanks to Mica Mallory for lending us her gorgeous voice.

The album is now out at evinair.bandcamp.com for a donation of at least $4. On a side note, the hard copy of “Redamancy” had a flaw with the last track, the acoustic version of “We Are.” We’re sorry about that and released this song for free. "Redamancy" will be availble soon on iTunes and Spotify.

Our next show will be June 4th, at the Moon Room. It will be an all ages show and we get to share the stage with Creature Canopy, The Breach and Bellows, and Joseph Lamar. Tickets are available in our store.

Bruce, Will, and Elias



In less than 48 hours, we will be playing our first show as Evinair. We have been insanely busy, but in the last 3 weeks we have released a new single as well as 3 acoustic videos. Be sure to check them out and share them if you like them. We also have preorder bundles in our store if you haven't bought your ticket yet. See you Friday!

Bruce, Will, and Elias



Welcome long time bear. fans and Evinair finders. For 2 years, we have had the pleasure of playing Denver under the name bear. During this time, we have met hundreds of amazing people and been treated with nothing but hospitality by the musicians we’ve shared stages with.

That being said, bear. has had its ups and downs, as any passion does. Through these trials, the three of us have only grown closer, both as friends and musically. Today we are excited to take the next step. As much as we liked the name bear., it was next to impossible to find us online. After months of deliberation, we settled on the name Evinair.

These last few months have been filled with numerous creative decisions, writing and recording a new album, as well as shooting videos (stay tuned). All of this leads up to May 1. We will be playing our first show as Evinair and releasing our new album at the Marquis Theatre. We hope to see you there!

Bruce, Will, and Elias