Evinair is

Will Livingston - Vocals/Guitar/Piano

Bruce Butler - Guitar

Elias Euler - Drums

Two years ago, Will Livingston approached two former band mates and a recent Denver convert and the band, bear., hit the Denver music scene hard. Before Evinair, bear. had shared the stage with Bad Suns and Megafauna, as well as a handful of local bands. Clayton Warwick, (The Music Ninja) had this to say upon attending one of bear.s fledgling performances:

ā€¯Hailing from the Mile High City, this brand-spankin-new post rock outfit knows how to put on a show. Their lead singer switches back and forth between softly sung lyrics, and big, boisterous choruses. The guitar work was something to be noted as well, articulately providing a melodic, heavy and enticing backbone to their tracks."

In April 2015, bear. decided to officially become a 3-piece and change the name to Evinair. Their first album "Redamancy" is available here.